PORTLAND - Sunny skies should likely last until next Tuesday, with high temperatures in the mid-50s throughout, according to KGW Meteorologist Nick Allard.

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Tomorrow and the next few days, the weather pattern will stay the same, with sunny skies and some east wind, he said. It really will be a nice weekend for this time of year. The next chance for any rain will be Tuesday.

The east wind was expected to keep the Portland metro area free from fog throughout the weekend, but an air stagnation advisory was in effect until Tuesday for Longview, Kelso, and the central Willamette Valley.

The February sunshine provided spring-like views of the Portland weather cameras Thursday, as well as those on the coast and in the Cascades.

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It's probably the nicest weather in I don't know how long, runner Sarah Deyorel said.

The mild winter is also causing trees and plants to bloom weeks ahead of schedule.

For the gardeners who are hungry that want to get something in February this is perfect weather, Manager Dave Etchepare of Dennis 7 Dees in SE Powell said. Etchepare says flowers like Daphnes are blooming early in his garden center.

Plants that would normally lose their leaves honeysuckle, roses, plants that normally go through a cold spell that lose all their leaves are holding their leaves, Etchepare said.

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Low temperatures should stay just above freezing overnight through the next few days, with a chance to dip to 31 degrees overnight Sunday.

Wednesday was expected to be foggy in the morning, but sunny again by afternoon.

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KGWReporter Jaqueline Sit contributed to this report

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