PORTLAND, Ore. -- Responding to a statement by the attorney for KyronHorman's step-mom that the media was involved in a witch hunt, Kaine Horman says his estranged wife's obstruction is to blame for her not being truthful.

At a court meeting Thursday, Terri Moulton Horman's lawyer Stephen Houze had said media was involved in a witch hunt for his client and that briefings by Kaine Horman and Kyron's mother Desiree Young were fanning the flames.

Responding to questions submitted by KGWNewsChannel 8 Friday, Kaine Horman placed responsibility on Terri.

I think Terri s past (since Kyron went missing) and continued actions are fanning the flames, Kaine said.

Kyron Horman disappeared six weeks ago from Skyline Elementary.

All we have asked for is the truth. Until she comes forward with that truth and Kyron is found then I doubt that things will turn down in intensity, Kaine said.

An agreement was reached Friday for Terri to move out of the family home in Northwest Portland. More:Saturday move out

Kaine Horman previously filed a restraining order against Terri after police told him of a murder-for-hire plot, according to court documents.

Responding to other questions from KGW, Kaine said Terri was a good person when we first met , and acknowledged that he was still wearing his wedding ring. More: Kaine did not see warning signs

Terri Moulton-Horman has not been named as a person of interest in the case and is not charged with a crime. She declined comment Thursday night after leaving her attorney's office downtown Portland.

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