PORTLAND -- Leverage had a casting call for local hot girls! 21 to 35 , an Irish thug with red hair and a white guy 20 to 35 who knows how to lay down the 3 card monty con - and Thursday the extras will get their time in the spotlight.

The extras will be used in roles in the next episode to be shot, possibly others later. Filming dates were set for May 20th through May 22nd and May 24th through May 27th.

The show, starring Academy Award winner Timothy Hutton, is filmed in Portland. The premise of the show is a that a team of con artists have come together to become modern Robin Hoods.

Apply online at and use the project code LEVERAGE.

The show is also looking for Eastern European men age 20 to 40, especially Russian and Ukranian, professional corporate types and thugs of any ethnic background.

The pay is $67.20 to $150 a day. Overtime is time and a half, after eight hours.

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