PORTLAND -- Police shot and killed a man described as suicidal in East Portland Friday evening.

On Saturday, the Portland Police Bureau released a prepared statement that the man shot dead by an officer Friday evening came out of an East Portland apartment, initially followed instructions from officer, then abruptly changed his actions.

Police declined to describe those actions in any detail until witness and officer interviews were concluded.

Police said the man came out of the apartment and told officers that he would have to be shot by them. An officer fired a bean bag round at the man, who police said would still not follow their directions and the officer fired several more bean bag rounds. Another officer in response to perceived threatening actions fired a round from his AR-15 rifle, police said.

The dead man was identified as Aaron Marcel Campbell, 25, of Portland. An autopsy showed that he died of a single gunshot wound, according to the statement released by police spokeswoman Det. Mary Wheat.

His niece, who declined to be identified, lives next door and said she witnessed the shooting. She said Campbell came out of the apartment with his hands over his head. He was hit by a bean bag round in the back and reached around to the spot where it struck. After that came the gunfire that killed him, she said.

She also said Campbell left the gun in the apartment when he came out. Her uncle was despondent because a brother had died that morning. He had his ups and downs but he was a good guy, she said.

Wheat said the incident began about 4:22 p.m. when officers were sent to an apartment complex at 128th and Sandy on a report of a suicidal man with a gun. The call was from the girlfriend of the suicidal man. She was concerned that she had not been able to contact her girlfriend, who also had several children.

When officers arrived, they spoke with the mother in the apartment parking lot. She told them her boyfriend was despondent and had been carrying a gun. The girlfriend and the man exchanged text messages in which the man said he would come out with the gun, police said.

Police continued the communication via text messages and cell calls. Three children came out of the apartment about 5:33 p.m. The man emerged about 6:07 when he was shot.

The statement said Officers at the scene immediately called for medical assistance but were not able to safely approach the man because they believed that he was still armed with a gun.

A SERT team trained to approach potentially armed suspects arrived 23 minutes after the shooting. SERT medics determined that Campbell was dead.

The officer who fired the rifle round is an eight-year veteran of the Bureau and assigned to East Precinct.

Police said Campbell had a history of violent behavior that included weapons charges and resisting arrest. He had a restraining order that forbid him from carrying a firearm.

The police statement on the shooting never mentions whether a gun was found on Campbell.

Detectives are continuing their investigation of this incident, Wheat said. In the next few days, all interviews of officers and witnesses will be complete. After those interviews are completed, additional details of this shooting will be released to the public.

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