PORTLAND The Portland State University grad student who was expelled for allegedly making threats back in 2012 is suing the school for $4.75 million.

Henry Liu said he was falsely accused of making threats against two PSU professors to a fellow student.

Back in 2012, he let police to search his apartment and agreed to a psychiatric exam. Police also confiscated guns which Liu had legally acquired.

Liu was never charged with a crime, but the school sent out warnings about him. Then, they suspended and expelled him.

Liu said it devastated his life.

I lost my place and city residence and suffered permanent damage to my reputation, Liu said. I lost my acceptance to Willamette University School of Law and I lost my fiancee.

Two years ago, PSU's head of security told KGW that federal law required the university to notify students and staff of potential threats.

On Tuesday, PSU spokesman Scott Gallagher issued this statement:

Nothing has changed. Our first priority is the safety of our faculty, staff, and students and we stand by our decisions.

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