BEAVERTON, Ore -- This is a big weekend for football fans. Come Sunday, we'll know the match up for Super Bowl XLVIII.

Seattle, has the Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers, and Denver with the Broncos and the New England Patriots. Those two cities are already big winners. Fans in the stands and hotels booked solid.

It's tens of millions of dollars. You've got ticket sales, people are going to be eating lots of food, drinking beer, lots of parties during the conference championships, said Brian Berger, host of Sports Business Radio.

It's a trip to the grocery store for the chips, dips and beer before becoming at couch potato in front of a new wide-screen TV. This is the time of year sets are deeply discounted.

And any sports bar worth it's chicken wings will be swamped this weekend. Extra food and staff are ordered at Buffalo Wild Wings in Beaverton. Not to mention the 59 big screen TV's.

It means more beer sales, more food sales and more hours for team members, according to general manager Heather Bond.

And for the pizza delivery folks at Dominos in Beaverton, this will be a very busy weekend. It's a warm up for the Super Bowl. Two hundred pizzas pies will be out the door an hour.

Total spending for 2014 Super Bowl is expected to reach $12.3 billion.

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