PORTLAND-- Nearly 200 kids now have a warmer, cozier winter ahead of them thanks to a brand new coat.

It s all due to a group of firefighters and a local company stepping up this holiday season.

At Sacajawea Head Start school in Northeast Portland 172 children got brand new coats.

When the kids came into the room a firefighter or volunteer took them by the hand, let them choose a coat and put their name inside.

Kevin Mckay, of local company Tripwire sponsored the coat give away along with the Portland Firefighter s Union.

I'm saddened by the need, you know? said Mckay. You look around you and you can see all around where we need to give back.

Teacher Francine Buker was reluctant to take her kids outside for recess because so few had coats to keep them warm.

Coats that keep them warm? said Buker. It s a big deal. Some of our students still do not have the opportunity to have what they really need and I'm not talking about superfluous things. I'm talking about things that they really need.

Buker was staggered by the generosity.

The fact that the firefighters and this local company would be so thoughtful and think about these children in need is pretty spectacular, said Buker. It is a merry Christmas. Yeah, it is!

The coats that were handed out on Thursday will go to another school in need.

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