WILSONVILLE, Ore. -- Oregon Corrections Department officials have brought in portable toilets for the approximately 1,700 women inmates at a Wilsonville prison after the facility's sewage treatment system stopped working.

Spokeswoman Vicki Reynolds says the portables are within the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility's secure perimeter and close to the housing area, but inmates to have to go outside to use them.

Temperatures in the area were in the 20s Monday. Work is under way to repair the plumbing system. Reynolds said Monday that could take as long as 48 hours. She says it's not known what caused the problem.

She says the equipment stopped working but officials didn't realize it right away. Then she says everything froze up and sewage started to back up.

The prison still has running water. Inmate activities such as visiting and volunteer services have been canceled until the problem is fixed.

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