BATTLE GROUND, Wash. Authorities arrested a woman Friday for plowing into a 16-year-old Battle Ground boy in June while he waited for the school bus.

Shaun Johnson, 46, of Vancouver was arrested for vehicular assault and possession of methamphetamine.

On June 10, Johnson allegedly slammed her Nissan Maxima into Justin Carey, launching him 150 feet into heavy brush. Carey waited an agonizing 90 minutes with two broken legs, one of which was later amputated, until a tow truck driver heard his faint cries for help.

The Clark County Sheriff s Office said Johnson never reported hitting anyone when she went off Northeast 82nd Avenue and drove into a ditch. Investigators never searched for Carey because they didn t know anyone had been hit.

Charlie Barrett of Clark County Towing was cleaning up the wrecked car and decided to make one last sweep of the area.

I was just getting ready to walk back on the road and I heard a faint, 'Help' and I just turned around and I said, 'Is there anybody there?' And he said it again, Barrett said.

Barrett found Carey under several feet of brush and called 911. One of Carey s friends, Shawn Smith, got to the bus stop late and saw the damaged car but had no idea his friend was just feet away from him.

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In September, Carey returned to school after a summer of physical rehab and a fitting for new prosthetic leg.

The community in Battle Ground thanked Barrett for his actions, which they called heroic. Dozens of kids waited for him at his office and gave him a poster-sized thank you card they all signed. Carey s mom, Janette Chumley, said Barrett saved her son s life.

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