PORTLAND Oregon is one of only two states that will test market Chevrolet s new all-electric vehicle--the Spark.

Chevy said the vehicle promises to be a game-changer in the electric vehicle (EV) market due to its the price and the range.

The company chose California and Oregon to test the Spark because both states adopted EV technology early and offer more places to charge the vehicles.

The Spark is Chevy's first all-electric car, with no gasoline back up. It's designed to be a commuter car.

This vehicle has zero emissions, drives only on electricity, said Chevrolet spokeswoman Cristi Landy. It s got a 21-kilowatt battery. You can go about 82 miles per charge.

After a $7,500 federal tax credit the car costs about $20,000. The first Sparks started arriving at 16 Oregon Chevy dealerships last month.

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