VANCOUVER - A Washington man says a Clark County mistake is costing him his property and his yard is literally sinking.

More than an acre of Harley Williams' land is already gone. Williams said for the past 15 years, his yard has been gradually eroding away resulting in a giant trench.

It s probably 75 feet wide by over a 100 feet deep.It s washed out an acre-and-a-half of land, Williams explained.

Williams believes the slide is the direct result of a Clark County mistake.

It's water runoff from the ditch along the street, he said.

During the rainy season, Williams said run-off that should flow through the county's drainage ditch in front of his home instead gushes onto his property, washing it away.

But some say not only is the runoff destroying land and creating a safety hazard, it's also destroying salmon habitat. The eroding sediment is being washed into Mason Creek below.

Hydrologist Richard Dyrland and his salmon restoration group Fish First have spent eight years building fish habitat along the creek. Dyrland says the slide is wiping it out.

It's loading up our whole area, here you can see all the fines coming down. We never used to get that to the level we're getting now and it s also covering spawning beds up above here, explained Dyrland.

Clark County officials told KGW that they are aware of the problem and are looking into ways to fix it.

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