GOVERNMENTCAMP,Ore. -- Bob Brownback has reached the summit of Mt. Hood 213 times, about the same as Thursday's climbing victim Mark Cartier.

The two climbers actually knew each other. Cartier sometimes acted as a mock victim during Portland Mountain Rescue training exercises. Thursday morning he became a real victim.

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I didn't know it was Mark until someone at the scene found his wallet and drivers license, it's always a shock to find out it's someone you know, said Brownback.

Ice chunks and rocks were falling down the same chute where Cartier fell, making it very dangerous for rescuers who successfully recovered the body.

Cartier had been climbing alone.

The number one rule in climbing is, the leader must not fall and when you are solo climbing you are always the leader, so you don't get a break, said Brownback, who frequently solo climbs Mt. Hood himself.

It really makes me want to check myself because I consider myself parallel to Mark in a way and if it can happen to him, then can it happen to me?

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