PORTLAND -- Eleven people reported feeling sick after a mishap involving a chemical delivery at the Darigold plant in Southeast Portland Wednesday.

Investigators said a truck was making a delivery to the plant when chemicals somehow got mixed together that created a type of chlorine gas.

Several people were evacuated from the plant, located at 2720 SE6th Avenue, and 11 employees were decontaminated on site, then transported to an area hospital for checkups.

The patients were complaining of respiratory irritation but should be fine, according toPaul Corah with Portland Fire &Rescue.

Corah said people who live near the plant were not in any danger.

HazMat technicians are concerned that if the temperature reaches 150 degrees, the product will melt the tank and leak onto the ground. Firefighters are working with a contractor to pump out the liquid, ventilate the building, and monitor conditions, Corah explained.

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