OLYMPIC NATIONAL FOREST, Wash. - Volunteers with the Washington CoastSavers found suspected debris from the Japanese tsunami during their annual beach clean over the weekend.

Everything from floats to bottle caps was found on the beach at Shi Shi in the northwest corner of the state.

Volunteer Martha Anderson said she found floats and construction wood with Japanese writing in one huge pile of debris mixed in with driftwood.

A majority of the pile is water, pop, juice bottles with Japanese stamps, marks and labels, she said.

Anderson said she spent a couple of hours climbing the pile, throwing trash down to be collected.

There was a lot of styrofoam and broken net floats, she said.

I could not carry all of it out, and can only hope that others following behind me had room to take some in their bags, she said.

Anderson said CoastSavers did a great job of having volunteers to make everything work smoothly.

There was even a station where some folks were washing sand out of bottles for the recycle station, she said.

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