PORTLAND, Ore. -- A man hit by a bike on a Sandy Boulevard sidewalk is recovering from serious injuries.

But he is also frustrated police were not dispatched to the accident, and the man on the bike didn't share his information with paramedics.

John Blunk, a 68-year-old retired chemical engineer, was out shopping at Northeast 31st and Sandy the afternoon of Saturday, June 18. As he came out of a store, he was hit by a fast-moving bicycle riding on the sidewalk.

Blunk was sent to the concrete and hit his head. He was knocked unconscious and 9-1-1 was called. But dispatchers only sent a Portland Fire and Rescue crew and an ambulance.

Blunk was transported to Legacy Emanuel Hospital after being hit, and spent the night in the intensive care unit so doctors could monitor bleeding on the brain. His hospital bill was more than $30,000. Fortunately he had insurance.

He shouldn t be on the sidewalk -- that s a no-no , and in a congested area with lots of people going full out on a bicycle, that s not a good idea, said Blunk.

A Portland Police spokesperson said it is legal for bicycles to ride on the sidewalk. The only place it is against city ordinance to ride a bike on the sidewalk is in the downtown core, between Front Street and 13th Avenue and Hoyt and Jefferson Streets.

The bicyclist stayed at the scene of the accident, but didn't leave his name. Oregon state law requires bicyclists involved in a collision to share their contact information with the other party involved.

Now Blunt wants the bicyclist to come forward.

Blunt said he doesn t understand why police did not respond as well.

The only reason they did interview me is because I called and asked for a police report, said Blunk, who is back in his retirement community.

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