NEWPORT, Ore. Two homes in Newport are close to becoming casualties of a landslide after days of heavy rain.

A total of eight homes in the Longview Hills manufactured home park were evacuated and two of the homes appeared to be on the verge of collapsing, according to Jake Johnson with the Newport Fire Department.

The power has been shut off to the threatened homes, and the area was cordoned off as a safety precaution. Neighbors told KGW senior citizens lived in the evacuated homes and now they may never be able to safely return.

Across town, two landslides also caused problems in Newport.

Debris and mud slid into the Port Dock 4 Condominiums in the 1300-block of S. Pine Street. Authorities said the building was damaged but there were no reports of injuries.

Neighbor Larry Plum said a few people were outside cleaning up debris from a smaller slide when the big one broke loose.

They started running and ran into each other and they all fell down and they cleared the damage by about four feet, Plum recalled.

The other slide was located near John Moore Rd., but authorities said it was not threatening any structures.

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