VANCOUVER, Wash. -- For the first time in the history of Vancouver's city council, an ethics committee met to discuss a councilwoman's outspoken behavior.

Late Thursday afternoon, the center of discussion was Jeanne Harris and her behavior at a mid-September council meeting. She was involved in an outburst againstthe mayor and a community member. Later, she attacked a fellow colleague, councilwoman Jeanne Stewart. Video of the incident spread quickly on YouTube.

Background: Outburst during council meeting

The ethics committee, made up of three city council members, did not hold back. They called Harris' antics on that mid-September evening unacceptable.

I don't think that was respectful to the citizens or the council members, said Pat Campbell.

I felt more of it was interference of a mayor trying to do his particular job, added Larry Smith.

I believe that city council member Harris' response to the public and her action was inappropriate, said Jack Burkman.

It was so inappropriate, according to the ethics committee, Harris deserves a letter of reprimand and removal from all committees she serves on. Some constituents believe that punishment is still too light.

They're going to smack her on the hand, she's going to turn around and walk away, said Stephanie Turlay. They will not stand up and do what really needs to be done.

She needs to go, said Josephine Wentzel. If she doesn't resign she needs to be taken out, we need to recall her.

It is now up to the city attorney and city manager to draft up the recommendations that came out of the ethics committee's meeting. The city council could vote on the final punishment as early as October 11.

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