ASTORIA, Ore. -- A bald eagle was treated and released after being scooped up by a fisherman who feared the bird was drowning in the Columbia River.

According to officials at the Wildlife Center of the North Coast, it happened east of the Megler Bridge on Sunday. The unidentified Good Samaritan man scooped up the bird with a fishing net.

David Lee Myers watched it all from the shore and said he thought the bird had been floundering in the water for at least an hour. Myers was able to call the wildlife center to call for help, but the fisherman beat them to the eagle. Myers also snapped pictures of the incident.

SLIDESHOW:Eagle rescued

Center director Sharnelle Fee said she examined the bird and found him hypothermic and weak from struggling in the water for at least an hour.

Fee also noted that he had a brood patch which indicated that he was helping to incubate eggs, so she wanted to release him as soon as possible so he could get back to his husbandly duties. He recuperated overnight at the Center after getting washed with Dawn and was released the next day.

Fee said sometimes birds can get caught if they get a fish that is too big or get thrown in the water during a fight, but it was unknown how this particular eagle was injured.

The fisherman left the scene before he could be identified.

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