UPDATE: In the original story (see below graphic), the SpareFoot blog claimed Austin ranked higher on the Best Beer Cities of 2013 list. But it turns out that list wasn't actually ranked.

So the blog's editors created a new infographic citing CNN's 8 Best Beer Towns in the USA, which ranks Portland at No. 1 (and doesn't even include Austin). So rest easy, Slabtown, you're still tops for hops.

(And thanks, SpareFoot, for addressing the discrepancy.)

Original story:

PORTLAND -- It's official: Portland is weirder than Austin, Texas.

Well, it's not quite official, but the Sparefoot blog (in Austin) has compared the cities and determined the Rose City is the weirder of the two.

The site cites 12 different lists like America's Strangest People and Most Tattooed US Cities, going back to 2010.

Portland ranked higher in eight categories (including the two above) and Austin took the lead in only four categories.

But surprisingly, Austin's winning categories did include Best Cities for People Watching and (gasp) Best Beer Town.

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