CUPERTINO, Calif -- It looks like we may be seeing an Apple watch soon. On Tuesday, Apple was granted a patent for something called the iTime. The patent says the invention pertains to an electronic wristwatch.

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The interesting thing is, this patent was first filed in 2011, so the ideas are a few years old.

The patent includes tech for hand and wrist gestures that control different features, and says the watch will interact with computers, tablets, and smart phones. With the watch, you could also get notifications for an incoming call, a text message, or a social network post, among other alerts. It would also be able to tell if you've left your phone at home, by notifying you when your other device is out of range.

The patent also mentions the iPod Nano by name, and some pictures in the patent show a central device fitting inside a wristband.

Other versions in the patent show a wristband that includes all functionality, and does not need a separate portable electronic device attached. This could look similar to other current smart wristbands, such as the Fitbit or Jawbone UP.

We'll have to wait and see how this new device will help us track our exercise. The Verge pointed out that Apple, Google and Samsung are making health tracking a standard part of their devices -- not just an add-on secondary device.

Apple Insider says KGISecurities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes we might see an Apple smartwatch announced in the fall.

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