GRESHAM -- Kaitlin Roig is credited with saving the lives of 15 children during the tragic massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

On Friday, Roig described her ordeal to students at Centennial High School in Gresham. She told her story about how she locked her first graders in a tiny bathroom on that dark day in 2012.

Roig struggled to keep the terrified children calm as they listened to the horrific shooting rampage outside.

I told them how lucky I was to be their teacher. I told them how happy I was that they were in my class, and I told them I loved them very, very much. I needed them to know that. In comforting them, I was bringing some comfort to myself, Roig said.

All of Roig's students survived. But 20 other children and six adults were killed. Roig's appearance was part of Centennial High's annual Unity Week.

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