WASHINGTON, D.C. -- New technology is coming to iPhones that will help get child predators off the street.

The app is called Operation Predator and was released by U.S. immigration and customs enforcement. It works by sharing photos and information about fugitive child predators, or unknown suspected predators who agents are trying to identify and track down.

Authorities are hoping that people who have the app will recognize some of these criminals send in tips.

In order to leave a tip, users can simply go to the app s homepage and click through to the anonymous tips section.

We're the first federal agency to come out with an app like this so it's kind of exciting. And we are pushing technology and using it to capture these guys, said Josh Findley with customs enforcement. The more platforms that are available and the more options there are, the easier and the more tips that we might get and that can lead us to rescuing a child.

The app is only available for iPhones right now, but it will also be expanded to work on Androids soon.

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