SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- The Sacramento County coroner has identified the body found hanging from a downtown office tower as a 30-year-old Washington state man.

Craig Fugate of Vancouver was found Monday morning hanging from a rope on the side of an 18-story high-rise.

Police believe he was trying an extreme graffiti attack because they found markers, spray paint and glass-etching tools used by taggers on a ledge above him.

The coroner identified the body on Tuesday but lists the cause of death as undetermined because an autopsy has not been performed.

A fire captain told the Sacramento Bee that it appears Fugate used a classic rappel technique to lower himself first to a window cleaning platform, then another floor below that. The loop of rope around his chest and legs somehow constricted and asphyxiated him.

He got pulled into a fetal position when the rope cinched up on him, said Battalion Chief Craig Wiedenhoft.

Police said surveillance cameras showed Fugate entering the building alone on Sunday.

An uncle, John Fugate, told the Bee he never knew his nephew to vandalize buildings. He said Craig Fugate was an adept artist, silk-screening t-shirts. He especially liked helping others in need.

He was a really sweet kid, John Fugate said.

He said Craig Fugate grew up in Concord, Calif., and recently had moved to Vancouver. He planned a move soon to Sacramento.

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