PORTLAND -- The New York City DJ injured last month when a taxi crashed into his hotel room has left the hospital, according to a post on his Facebook page.

The Radio Cab smashed all the way into 40-year-old Jonathan Toubin's room at the Jupiter Hotel on the morning of December 8, police said. Emergency responders had to lift the cab off of him.

Investigators said the driver had suffered a medical episode that caused the crash. Toubin was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

All of Jonathan s friends and fans will be ecstatic to know that he has raced through the first part of his healing, the Facebook post announced. Last Monday he was discharged from ICU to a private room. On Friday he was discharged from the hospital!

The doctors and the whole staff are in awe of his progress, the post continued. He reportedly had removed his tracheotomy tube and was already talking again and eating solid foods.

The hospital could not confirm whether Toubin had been released.

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