PORTLAND Two people were arrested during an Occupy Portland march Saturday night.

Marking the 3-month anniversary of the first Occupy Wall Street protests, demonstrators marched along the sidewalks of downtown Portland.

They rallied against the National Defense Authorization Act, which both sides of Congress approved last week.

There are some offensive provisions in the act, said protester Nicholas Caleb, including what he called a law for the indefinite detention of a U.S. citizen if the executive labels them as terrorists or if they substantially support terrorism.

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At least 50 police officers on bicycles patrolled the march route, forming a line at each stoplight to keep traffic moving.

Organizers were asked to stay on the sidewalks because they had not obtained a permit for the march.

Police arrested 45-year-old Jonathan Michael Zook and 33-year-old Eric Neil Bowen after they went into the street and refused to return to the sidewalk, according to Portland Police Sgt. Pete Simpson.

Earlier in the day, a permitted protest was held in honor of International Migrants Day.

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