PORTLAND, Ore. -- The use of pepper spray by a Portland Police Officer during a daylong protest by Occupy Portland created a firestorm Friday over whether the action was justified.

KGW broadcast a live aerial view of the scene from its Sky 8 helicopter as an officer discharged a pepper spray canister three times. Sky 8 aerials: Protesters pepper-sprayed

On Friday, police released additional video, which shows a single Portland Police officer used pepper spray in two separate instances on protesters - once in an effort to clear the sidewalk in front of chase bank and again across the street. Police video: Pepper spray used by officer

Tensions reached a boiling point late Thursday afternoon at Southwest 6th and Yamhill between police and a large group of protesters spilling into the street. Several demonstrators were arrested for refusing to leave the entryway of the Chase bank. Meanwhile police were trying to clear the roadway. Police say several demonstrators refused to move. As the mounted patrol pushed protesters back, there was a scuffle. That s when video shows one officer used pepper spray.

It goes to show you if you try to do something in a certain way you will be brutalized by police, said protester Dane Blakenger, one of those hit by pepper spray.

We would have preferred, had they followed verbal commands, and moved to the other side of the street - that these actions would not have been necessary, said Portland Police Lt. Robert King.

Roughly 50 people were arrested during Thursday s protests.

Lt. King said officers acted appropriately in an effort to clear the streets and keep traffic moving, after protesters repeatedly refused to obey. There will be an internal review into the incident, according to Lt. King.

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