SALEM -- Convicted killer of two and recently-captured inmate Matthew Ingle said Wednesday that he regrets escaping from the Oregon State Hospital and fears returning there.

Ingle, 21, raced to a waiting car Sept. 3 while on a supervised walk on the hospital grounds. He was free until his capture in Sandy Sept. 20.

In an exclusive interview with KGW, Ingle said he escaped because he was scared and didn't know what else to do.

I just was scared in that hospital, I thought I'd never get out. [I was] dealing with so many different doctors and so many different diagnosis,' he said.

In 2009, Ingle was high on drugs when he ran a stop sign in Clackamas County and killed Pam Benson, 42, and her daughter Clarice, 11. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison but has been in the mental hospital for treatment.

He said that prior to the escape, he sent a few items home at a time. He also raised the public's fury when it was revealed after his escape that he had posted his intentions, profanely, on his Facebook page. He also described how much he hated the hospital.

It was a terrible decision to leave that hospital, he said. I just wanted to see my family and once I left, I couldn't and I almost turned myself in and instead, I let myself get caught.

Ingle said that after his escape he realized that visiting his family would be impossible. He knew police would be waiting for him.

He said he camped out for about a week, then moved around to several houses. When police came for him in Sandy, they had their guns drawn, Ingle said. Once they realized he was unarmed, they holstered their weapons.

Ingle said he thinks often about Benson's husband.

That was his child and wife, Ingle said, Even if something happened to one of my best friend's kids--who I know, and got to babysit and watch--it breaks me apart.

Until the court system can sort out the charges related to his escape, he will remain the Marion County jail.

I was scared in that hospital, he said, and still aim to go back, when I have to go back there.

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