PORTLAND -- The winners of the 2011 Starlight Parade Awards were announced Sunday.

Photos: 2011 Rose Festival Starlight Parade

According to Rich Jarvis, with the Portland Rose Festival Foundation, the winners were:


Sweepstakes Award - Best Illumination: Hand-Eye Supply (pictured above)

2nd Place - St. Paul Rodeo Association

3rd Place - (4-way tie) Astoria Regatta Festival, Royal Rosarians, Rose Villa Senior Living Community and Oregon Falun Dafa Association

Best Community Division: Royal Rosarians

2nd Place - Oregon Falun Dafa Association

3rd Place Shriner s Hospital for Children-Portland Calliope

Best Corporate Division: Alaska Airlines

2nd Place Budweiser Clydesdales

3rd Place - Clear Channel Radio/Oldie 106.7

Best Festival or City Division: St. Paul Rodeo

2nd Place - Capital Lakefair

3rd Place - Washington State Autumn Leaf Festival Association

Best Marching Entry: Lee's Association Dragon & Lion Dance Team

2nd Place - (tie) Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers and Portland Pirate Festival

3rd Place - Portland Rose Society s Mobile Rose Garden

Best Small Local Business: The Tails of Abbygail

2nd Place - Mt. Hood Adventure Park

3rd Place Speed s Towing

The Portlandia Award: Royal Rosarians

2nd Place - (3 way tie) Hand-Eye Supply, Fright Town and Portland Kaohsiung Sister City Association

3rd Place - Rose Villa Senior Living Community


Sweepstakes Winner: Union High School

In State Open (100+): Lake Oswego High School

Second Place - Century High School

Third Place David Douglas High School

In State A (99 or less): Milwaukie High School

Second Place - Canby High School

Third Place - Sprague High School

Out of State Open (100+): Sumner High School

Second Place - Mountain View High School

Out of State A (99 or less): Skyview High School

Second Place - Hockinson High School

Third Place Bellingham High School

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