WEST LINN, Ore. -- Could you imagine getting 10 gallons of milk and 30 boxes of cereal for free the next time you shop at the grocery store?

Sound impossible?

It s not, if you know the tricks, according to Jennifer Harrel of West Linn.

The mother and wife had to learn to keep a closer eye on her grocery dollars last fall, after she lost her job.

In reviewing our finances, we saw that we needed to make some adjustments, Harrel said.

She started cutting coupons in February, and since then, has saved between $1500 and $2000.

She s now sharing her tips for success with others. I m going to teach people how to save up to 90%, said Harrel.

She calls her primary method stacking but said there are many ways to save money at the register.

You use a manufacturer coupon, and you use a store coupon, and you hit a sale, and you end up getting the item for next to nothing or free, Harrel explained.

In addition to that, Harrel pointed out the importance of collecting all your coupons in a binder.

It's the organization behind it. That's what holds all your coupons and coupons are tender because you're getting that amount off, she said.

And don t fret about how long it takes. Harrel promised that she never spends more than two hours a week couponing.

Some of these people say, I do 60-70 hours a week, I wake up and go to bed thinking about it. I'm not one of those people, said Harrel. I have two children and a husband and a church and all kinds of activities I want to do.

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