Fourteen Oregon wineries claim to be the first in the country to complete a carbon reduction program. The Vinyard growers believe climate change is real and that reducing carbon emissions will lead to temperature stablization here in Oregon.

The Willamette valley is known to be one of only a handful of climates in the world, perfect for growing pinot noir grapes.

Warming temperatures would threaten the crucial mild temperature range pinot noir grapes need to flourish.

Steps taken to go green include solar panels to create energy, trees planted around buildings to create cooling, new underground cellars, energy efficient lighting and goats to help clear land of blackberries without using pesticides.

California is experiencing harvest seasons up to a month early andSpain wineries are moving to higher ground to find cooler temperatures.

Oregon has actually had a number of agreeable weather years. Local vinyard owners are taking actions to keep favorable weather for years to come.

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