VANCOUVER -- On Tuesday, the 35th Annual Sports Emmy Awards will be handed out and with them, some swag from Remarkabowl based in Vancouver.

All the bowls have a sports theme. The designs of the Footbowl, Basketbowl and Soccerbowl are made to look like the real thing.

John Wirth, the president of the company said he got a call out of the blue from event organizers. He wasn't really sure if this was on the up and up. But, after doing some checking it was.

It means a mad scramble to be able to fulfill the 900 bowls the Sports Emmy Awards needs for all the participants. Only 30 companies from around the world get the privilege to put their products in the gift bags.

The Emmys do not pay for the products, but for Wirth, he said the expense to the company is worth it.

They have about 150 people. The producers said they go out and look for various gifts that are new and unique on the market and they happened to see us online, Wirth said.

Right now the bowls are only available for purchase online. The company is already in talks with national retailers to sell the bowls in stores.

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