WESTPORT, Ore. -- A field in Westport has become a large pond and the water is rising fast. It started rising when a culvert under Mclean Hill Road clogged up on Thursday. The water came within a foot of power boxes that supply 42 homes in the Clatsop County town.

It's a little scary, said Rich Guest.

He and his neighbor Chris Martin own the property that's now underwater. On Thursday, they teamed up to try and clear the culvert. That didn't work, so they rented two large water pumps, hoping to draw down the water level. It kept rising and by the time they called the Fire Department to help.

Tthe water was within a foot of the power boxes.

It the water got any higher the county was going to shut off the power to everyone on the hill, said Martin.

Homeowners on the hill appreciate all the hard work.

I can't believe they've been working all night long, said neighbor Dallas Crawford who lives on the hill.

Martin and Guest have averaged 3 hours of sleep a night since Thursday and the all volunteer firefighters have been pumping water nearly 24 hours a day.

Fire Chief Keith Walling is concerned about much more than just the power.

If that water comes up over the road and we loose control and it washed out the road, then we have no emergency response to anyone above this point, said Walling.

Firefighters said Clatsop County crews will start working on the clogged culvert first thing Monday.

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