PORTLAND -- Mayor Sam Adams Sunday called the latest Occupy Portland protests a low point in the Occupy movement.

Police Monday morning cleared out the last of overnight protesters on the South Park blocks. On person was taken away by police after refusing to provide his name to a city park ranger.

Saturday night police arrested 19 people who refused to leave an area of Portland's south Park Blocks known as Shemanski Park. The park was scheduled to close at 9 p.m. but police said they closed it early after parks department employees were met with hostility.

Background: 19 arrested as Occupy Portland protesters clash with police

Sunday morning Adams said via Twitter the protests felt like a private (Occupy Portland) dance party in a public space. He called it a low point in the Occupy movement.

He announced that next week he will be bringing national Occupy Wall Street issues to the forefront since Occupy Portland isn't. He also said as a supporter of the national movement, he would put bring his proposals to the public and Occupy Portland can take a position on them or not.

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We are not doing this because it's fun to camp in a park in near-freezing temperatures, the Occupy Portland Information Committee said on its Web site. We at Occupy continue to have a dialogue with our community to discuss, educate and ultimately change the very world we live in to one that champions social and economic justice for everyone; not for only the very wealthy.

At a general assembly meeting Sunday evening, the group agreed to participate in a Dec. 12 attempt to shut down ports along the West Coast. A similar rally in Oakland, Calif. several weeks ago led to an overnight riot.

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Police bureau spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson said a report by an occupier named 'Cookie' that police in batons attacked campers about 3 a.m. Sunday was untrue.

He said police were checking into a report that two bicyclists were struck by an officer with a baton during the weekend protests. He also said that police need more information about a photograph in the Oregonian of a 15-year-old who said he was struck by a baton.

Photos: Occupy Portland protesters arrested

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