SALEM -- Gov. John Kitzhaber skirted specifics when questions on Tuesday about recent security breaches at the state's health care enrollment program, but stated problems had been fixed.

We have 30,000 applications that we are processing. Out of those there were three security breaches, said Kitzhaber when questioned by KGW. Which is three too many. Friday we fundamentally changed that process.

The Gov said going forward one person would be in charge of overseeing the paper application process and would oversee resources and personnel at both the Oregon Health Authority and Cover Oregon.

Cover Oregon has had three known security breaches in which applicants personal information was sent to the wrong people.

Since the state website has not enrolled a single person since it launched on Sept. 1, officials have had to turn to paper applications. The governor has hired approximately 400 people to help with the paper work.

Handwritten applications sent to the wrong people have led to dangerous disclosures of birth dates, social security numbers and income information.

Valarie Henderson told NewsChannel 8 she received the wrong person s information in a letter from Cover Oregon last week.

Henderson had failed to fill out her application completely. Cover Oregon sent it back to her along with a packet of information about other applicants.

Background: Cover Ore. has 18,000 applications, 0 enrolled

It appeared an office worker may have simply picked up extra documents from a printer and mailed them all off to Henderson by mistake.

The state said it would stop mailing partially completed form back to people.

Ariane Holm with Cover Oregon said that because the state has gotten so many forms back with missing information, they'll start calling applicants over the phone for the missing information instead.

[We] take our customers privacy and security very seriously, Holm said. We are committed to protecting their personal information.

Kitzhaber said the problems wouldn't make it harder for residents to meet the Jan. 1 deadline for enrolling in health insurance required by the Affordable Care Act.

I believe we have taken care of that problem and we will continue to ensure that we meet our deadlines, Kitzhaber said. After all, the objective here is not the website, it s enrollment. We will get the website up but we are not waiting for that to make sure people get coverage.

Henderson was flabbergasted that the program couldn't get its arms around basic office work.

I was skeptical to even do it, she said. When I saw that, I was mortified. I was saddened. I lost what little faith I had in the system.

The troubled website is not expected to be fixed by the current Dec. 15 deadline for January coverage.

Have you had security problems with Cover Oregon? Contact us at

Have you had security problems with Cover Oregon? Contact us at


Ashley Korslien contributed to this report

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