VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) -- A Vancouver, Wash., bank says people who donated to a woman who falsely claimed an attacker splashed acid in her face can reclaim their money.

Riverview Community Bank says cash donations will be returned to donors who can show a receipt within 30 days.

The bank has a record of people who donated by check and will return the money to them directly.

Money donated at Safeway stores will be handled by the company.

The bank says money left unclaimed after 30 days will be donated to the Oregon Burn Center at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland, Ore

. Police say Bethany Storro confessed that she made up the story about the burns she suffered Aug. 30, saying she put drain cleaner on her face.

In late September, she pleaded not guilty to three theft charges. The charges don't involve the Riverview benefit fund.

She is scheduled for trial Dec. 20.

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