President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he was angry at IRS officials who inappropriately targeted conservative groups for scrutiny, announcing that his administration had sought and accepted Steven Miller resignation as interim commissioner of the IRS.

Obama s remarks came amid news that two IRS employees who had engaged in activities targeting conservative groups had faced disciplinary action for their conduct.

The IRS inspector general released a report on Monday which found that incompetence and ineffective management at the tax-collecting agency led to employees applying extra scrutiny to conservative and Tea Party advocacy groups. The report also found there was no evidence of outside pressure on officials to target conservative groups.

Still, the revelation has prompted a major uproar among Republicans, who have openly suggested that the Obama administration might have used the IRS to target its political opponents.

My question isn't about who's going to resign, Boehner said at a weekly press conference on Capitol Hill. My question is who's going to jail in this scandal?

Democrats have largely joined their Republican colleagues in expressing outrage toward the IRS employees actions, and Obama himself condemned the agency on Monday, calling the targeting of conservative groups outrageous, and vowing to hold those responsible accountable.

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