EUGENE Michael Fitch had just returned to his Eugene, Ore., home at the end of his work day when he heard his wife say, Honey, I need you. It seems the problem was a snake poised halfway out of the family's dishwasher vent.

Not fond of snakes, Fitch says he suited up with gloves, tongs and a lunch bin and grabbed hold of the snake. His wife grabbed a camera.

He says the snake put up a fight before he managed to tug it free and release it outside.

KVAL-TV showed photos of the Monday night encounter to Yosef Uyeda, a Ph.D. candidate in herpetology at Oregon State University in nearby Corvallis. He concedes a snake in a dishwasher is a little unusual but identifies it as a harmless western garter snake.

Still, Fitch says he's taking extra care now when he opens the dishwasher.

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