PORTLAND - A new study confirmed what many Portlanders have bragged about for some time -- local residents know how to conserve and reuse.

That's right, according to a new study from Nalgene, Portland is America's 3rd least wasteful city, topped only by New York and San Francisco.

The study analyzed the behaviors of people living in the nation's 25 largest cities. This included the amount of recycling, use of public transportation and even how many people choose to shut off the lights when leaving the room.

Portland got bonus points for using recyclable containers in place of single-serve bottles and food storage items, buying in bulk, buying locally grown food, using recyclable grocery bags, and buying second-hand clothing and furniture, among other things. More:

But the Rose City's image wilted a bit because the study found that most Portlanders prefer long showers, use too many ziplock bags and fail to use rain barrels.

When the results were tallied, San Francisco earned the top honor and Atlanta ranked worst overall in wasteful living. More:

The study also showed that the easier and more convenient an action, the more frequently it's practiced.

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