INDEPENDENCE, Ore. -- Police in the small Oregon town of Independence are looking into reports that a pet dog was poisoned twice before it died.

A bulletin reading, Beware - Dog Killer in Independence, Oregon, has been making the rounds on social media.

Terry L. Wright said in her flier that a neighbor murdered her daughter's dog with rat poison.

To make matters worse, Wright said her daughter is a Navy medic who has been deployed since the episode began.

Bo (pictured, above left) was her pride and joy, and I have never seen a dog so devoted to his human, Wright said. He adored her. He was truly a one-person dog. He simply 'lit up' when she walked in the room.

The Independence Police Department is investigating Wright's report that her neighbor left bread laced with rat poison in the yard for Bo and her two other dogs to eat on May 29 and June 3.

Bo began experiencing symptoms similar to pancreatitis soon afterward, she said. He died June 8.

According to documents obtained by the Statesman-Journal, the Dallas Animal Clinic determined Bo died from warfarin toxicity, consistent with ingesting the rat poison.

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The other two dogs that likely ate the bread survived, but were put on medication and have been constantly monitored, Wright said.

She added that the whole thing likely started after a neighbor complained about the dogs barking. Wright said she immediately worked to remedy the situation, even buying a bark collar for Bo.

But she said the neighbor's next move was to throw poison over the fence.

The leftover bread pieces were sent for analysis at a crime lab, police said.

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