VANCOUVER A Vancouver company is combating pollution with a new all-electric bus, and it s catching on in the Philippines.

The van, named the Comet, was created by Pangea Motors in Vancouver.

It stands for city optimized managed electric transportation, said David Boyd, director of design at Pangea.

Pangea is hoping their bus helps cut down on the pollution in the cities like Manila, Philippines, where pollution is a pervasive problem.

In Manila, Jeepneys rule the road. The vehicles are built from old World War II jeeps. About 55,000 vehicles roam the road in the Southeast Asian city and they cause 85 percent of the pollution.

The Comet is the first prototype, built in just six months. It was created in partnership with Manila business leaders.

According to officials, the plan is to manufacture the high-end parts in the United States and assemble the van in the Philippines.

It isn t just the vehicles, said Ken Montler, CEO of Global Electric Transportation, which is the sales arm of Pangea. We ve got partners over there putting in the management structure for it.

There s just one problem the cars are actually too speedy.

We have to actually tune it down, Boyd said. It s a little too fast.

So far, 200 orders for the vans have been placed.

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