PORTLAND -- Running continues to flow deep in Adam and Kara Goucher s blood.

They're not only promoting a healthy lifestyle, but also hoping to get others involved with their new Run The Edge Training Plans.

Finally, we just said, 'Hey, people have been asking us, this is what people want, why don t we try to do it?' Adam Goucher said. Along with Tim Catalano, Goucher has co-authored a guidebook of new training plans.

From the absolute novice runner, to the most extreme, there is a plan they ve got tailored for you.

One of the fears that people have when beginning running is it can be scary. We want to take the scariness out of running, Goucher said. Make it fun and interactive.

Olympian Kara Goucher, Adam's wife, is one of the most decorated runners in the U.S. right now. Because neither Adam nor Tim has ever run a marathon, they approached Kara for her input. It didn t take long for her to roll up her sleeves and dive right in to help.

It was really fun. They did the majority of work, she said. I just gave them key workouts and looked over things and gave advice here and there on what I thought.

The new Level-Up training system looks more like a game than a typical week-to-week program. And after eight months of fine tuning, it was released just a couple weeks ago.

Adam said that he would sometimes put in 13-hour days or longer in his home office.

Toward the end there, Kara was like, 'Wanna come spend some time with us a little bit? I said, Yes, yes. I m almost done, almost done. It s gonna be fine.

Right now Adam and Kara are in guerrilla marketing mode, trying to reach as many aspiring or current runners as possible. Most of it via social media or simply word of mouth.

Those are the avenues that have been a big boost so far, said Adam.

The Gouchers have plenty to keep them busy. They have a son, Colt, who will be turning three next month. But Kara is already starting to think about the 2016 Olympic Games. After missing out on the World Championships in Moscow, she s putting her focus and energy into fulfilling one last Olympic dream. But right now, it s one step at a time.

Missing the World Championships was something that was a slap in the face to me. I haven t not made a team in many, many years. And it s really motivated me, she said. I m running the New York Marathon this fall, so I m looking forward to pouring my heart and soul into that

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