PORTLAND -- The old saying for Portland is that summer begins July 5th. This year the switch of seasons to a dry, sunny and warm pattern likely began last Friday, June 27, when clear skies warmed the temperature to 92 degrees.

Current forecast models show mostly dry weather with sunshine and highs in the 80s through July 20th. The forecast is a reminder of how sunny and dry July can be. Several years are in the record book with no July precipitation and very little during August.

The image above shows the July temperature outlook for the United States. Notice much of the far west is likely to have a hot or above-normal July, including all of the Northwest. If true, Portland would likely see many July days with sunshine and highs in the mid to upper 80s or warmer.

The normal July high temperature at PDX is 81 degrees. The normal July low is 58 degrees. The hottest all-time July temperature is 107, back in 1965.

The 2nd image above shows the July rain outlook for the lower 48 states. Notice the brown, below-normal area over much of Washington and northwest Oregon. White areas will have an equal chance of normal, dry or wet precipitation.

Keep in mind, a dry outlook for Portland means very little or no rainfall through July's 31 days. It is not uncommon for July to have just a trace or no rain all month. Normal July rainfall at PDX is .65 inches, making July our driest climate month.

The drought map above shows current conditions. With the exception of northwest Oregon, much of the state is either seeing drought conditions or expected to see a developing drought in the coming weeks. Washington is not at risk for drought conditions at this time.

Enjoy our dry season. Let's hope we stay more comfortable than hot in the weeks ahead.


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