PORTLAND - A clever campaign asking First Dog: Bo Obama to come to Portland is working.

It s generating interest in this year s Doggie Dash to benefit the Oregon Humane Society.

This is Ramona, she s a Goldendoodle, said OHS spokesperson Barbara Baugnon as she explained that the lovesick dog is looking for a date for this year s fundraiser on May 11th.

The campaign came from the staff at Portland s Leopold Ketel Branding Agency.

Link:OHSDoggie Dash campaign

We ve done free work for the Oregon Humane Society for a dozen years, said Terra Spencer. We donate all our creative and media services.

Ramona comes to work each weekday with her owner, who works in accounting at the agency.

She s really our ambassador of cute around the office, remarked copywriter Kelly Williams Brown.

When the staff was brainstorming about how to publicize this year s Doggie Dash, they looked to the dog who happened to be in the meeting.

It just sort of snowballed into this idea of inviting the First Dog Bo because we knew it would bring exposure, explained Spencer.

The staff created the concept of a canine crush, reinforcing it with love letters from Ramona to Bo and producing an online video about her efforts to woo Bo to the Rose City.

There s an online petition for supporters to sign and official invitations are being sent to Washington D.C.

We are contacting the Oregon delegation to see if they can get the invitation into the right hands, said Baugnon.

The effort seems very much tongue-in-cheek and is designed to bring attention to the Doggie Dash, which raised $450,000 last year.

Ramona will be in Waterfront Park with or without Bo on May 11th. She s ready to help us raise money so we can continue helping shelter pets, concluded Baugnon.

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