PORTLAND -- Two powerful thunderstorms made for a wild Memorial Day weekend.

Monday's forecast has a chance of showers and a high of 64 expected in the Portland Metro area. Heavy rain fell all weekend, with the worst part of the storm and wild weather hitting on Saturday.

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Your pics: Weekend storms

Heavy rain pounded the metro area over the weekend. On Mount Tabor, the rain sent water rushing down an outdoor stairway.

Video: Mt Tabor 'waterfall'

It s like this waterfall, it s so beautiful it makes this wonderful sound, I just love it, said Laurie Thompson who lives across the street from the park.

The storms also took their toll on the Rose Festival's City Fair. Lightning forced organizers to temporarily shut down the tall rides and the music stage both Friday and Saturday nights.

It s been a long time since we ve seen two major thunderstorms roll through Portland and to do that as we opened the Rose Festival, the timing was unusual to say the least, commented Jeff Curtis, the festival s CEO.

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Friday a bolt of lightning crashed into Phil Anderson's Vancouver home. It burned a hole on one side and scorched the other.

There were probably three or four points of contact with the house, explained Anderson. And the damage from the storm will take a while to repair. Anderson said the bolt hit outside his upstairs bedroom. He has since moved his bed downstairs.

Lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place... I don t want to test that, laughed Anderson.

Also on Friday, a lightning bolt splintered a huge Douglas-fir tree near Fort Vancouver as other bolts lit up the darkening sky.

Calmer weather was expected through Monday, with just a chance of scattered showers. Early clouds Tuesday should part to reveal a sunny 3-day stretch, KGWMeteorologist Jim Donovan said.

Looking forward to next weekend, Donovan said the Starlight Parade Saturday could see clouds with scattered showers.

Meantime, Rose Festival organizers say they are always monitoring the weather and have an emergency plan in place if they need to act fast to keep visitors safe.

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