Tour of Utah Results¢


Associated Press

Posted on August 8, 2013 at 4:02 PM

At Torrey, Utah
Second Stage
A 131-mile leg from Panguitch to Torrey, Utah

1. Michael Matthews, Australia, Orica-Green Edge Cycling, 5 hours, 17 minutes, 56 seconds.

2. Greg Van Avermaet, Belgium, BMC Racing, same time.

3. Jasper Stuyven, Belgium, Bontrager Cycling, same time.

4. Michel Koch, Germany, Cannondale Pro Cycling, same time.

5. Kiel Riejnen, United States, United Healthcare, same time.

6. Tyler Magner, United States, Hincapie Sportswear, same time.

7. Alessandro Bazzana, Itlay, UnitedHealthcare, same time.

8. Chad Beyer, United States, Champion System, same time.

9. Serghei Tvetcov, Moldova, Jelly Belly Cycling, same time.

10. Janier Alexis Acevedo, Colombia, Jamis-Hagens Berman, same time.

Overall Standings
(After 2-of-6 Stages)

1. Michael Matthews, Australia, 9 hours, 28 minutes, 39 seconds.

2. Greg Van Avermaet, Belgium, 1 second behind.

3. Christopher Jones, United States, 11 behind.

4. Tyler Magner, United States, 13.

5. Jasper Stuyven, Belgium, same time.

6. Max Jenkins, United States, 16.

7. Tiago Machado, Portugal, same time.

8. Kiel Riejnen, United States, 17.

9. Michel Koch, Germany, same time.

10. Chad Beyer, United States, same time.