Teresa Blackman

Digital Managing Editor

Teresa Blackman has been with since 2000 – back when the Web site had only one page of content and her byline read, "Teresa Bell," instead of Blackman.

As the site has grown, so have her responsibilities. Teresa started out with as an online reporter, moved into the role of Senior Producer and most recently was named Digital Media Manager for the KGW Media Group.

Teresa graduated with honors from the University of Montana’s Journalism program and worked for 11 years as a TV reporter and news anchor before switching to the digital world. She climbed the media ladder by working at various TV stations in Oregon, Montana, Florida and North Carolina before moving to Portland.

After leaving the TV business for a short stint in PR, Teresa realized she really missed writing and was excited to try a “change of hats” as an online reporter back in the newsroom. She’s enjoyed expanding her skill set as has grown over the years to include several digital platforms including mobile apps, tablet content and social media. But she still gets to feed her passion of writing news stories on a daily basis, too.

Teresa married Scott Blackman in 2007 and has been blessed with two amazing baby daughters. In her free time, Teresa enjoys hiking, biking or just about any outdoor activity with Scott, their daughters, and two step-sons. If only Oregon could stay rain-free a few months longer!