'Tight-knit family' drowned in Hagg Lake tragedy

HILLSBORO, Ore. -- After four family members were found drowned at Hagg Lake, their surviving family released a joint statement Wednesday.

In the statement, the family said they were "very tight knit" and they wanted the public to know there was "no negligence of any kind" involved in the tragic accident Tuesday.

Below is the full statement:

This was a very tight knit family as you can see by all of the pictures. Jova and Gabriela both worked 2 jobs each to support the family along with Jova's husband who also is working 2 jobs currently.

We want everyone to know that this was an accident. There was no negligence of any kind out there on the lake. This family always takes great precaution, especially when it comes to their kids. Their lives revolved around the future generations of their family. The fact that there were life vests tied to that sign and not utilized was most likely an oversight. May they all rest in peace.

Gabriela was flourishing as a single mom and just recently got promoted to supervisor at her customer service job. She also held a building maintenance night job. She just recently bought a new car. She loved her son Jeremy and her family very much.

Jova was the cornerstone of the family. Always doing everything for her family. Such a wonderful sense of humor and she was really passionate about the community in Hillsboro, OR. You could always count on her to be at the 4th of July and Christmas parades every year. Jova and her daughter Gabriela would take turns alternating from going to work and taking care of Jeremy. When one was working, the other was taking care of Jeremy and vice versa. He always had around the clock family care, love and support. When they would both have to work, often his aunt Maria would come by and take care of Jeremy.

Michael was a very smart kid and avid video gamer. He had a passion for technology in general. He was looking forward to attending school at Hillsboro Online Academy this upcoming year.

Jeremy was such an intelligent little boy for his age. You can just see the gears turning when ever he was thinking or speaking. The way he articulated and expressed his thoughts an feelings were so advanced for his age. He was always by his moms, his aunt Maria or grandmas side.

Any amount donations will be greatly appreciated and will be put towards funeral/arrangement costs and financial hardship.

A "Garcia Memorial Fund" has been set up at Wells Fargo bank to help the family with funeral expenses.

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