Portlandia stars: 'Ask Me Anything' in chat

PORTLAND -- Portlandia stars Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen offered to let their fans ask them anything in a Reddit chat Tuesday.

They covered such wide-ranging topics as gentrification, Lollapalooza and why they chose Portland.

The new season of the show starts Thursday on IFC and its stars seized the moment to connect with their fans through the no-holds-barred Q-and-A session.

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When asked why they chose to make a show about Portland, Armisen said the two were already living in the Rose City and it seemed like the perfect fit for their comedy.

Brownstein added that Portland is more of a mindset than a city, so there's a slight transcendent quality.

The two were also asked whether the show inspires people to move to Portland, and therefore contributes to gentrification and overpopulation issues.

I don't think a TV show has that big of an impact on migratory patterns, Armisen said. It's just a TV show.

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Early on the show described Portland as a city in which the dream of the '90s is alive. The two were asked to describe what that dream actually looks like.

Lollapalooza forever, and ever and ever, Armisen said. Mainstage, side stage, all of it.

I think the 90s had this monolithic quality to them, Brownstein said. Because it was pre-9/11, and everybody thought we were veering towards the Millenium, with all of these institutions in place, and the notion of the future was that it was going to keep getting bigger and better. It seems like a pre-anxiety decade to me.

She said Portland still has that low-anxiety feel, evident in the locations they're allowed to film.

I'm still astounded that we get to take over City Hall every year and go into the mayor's office and we're left completely to our own devices, there's no security, she said. And also one time Fred and I sat in a cop car while a cop stood 20 feet away talking to a bunch of skaters. I'm always amazed how friendly the city of Portland is.

And, for the record, Brownstein and Armisen disclosed that they've never waited more than 45 minutes for brunch, the chicken's real name is Collin, they've never pickled a pickle that was already pickled, and they are torn on whether the dream of the 1790s was ever alive.

Portlandia airs Thursday nights at 7 p.m. on IFC.

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