SPJ announces 2010 NJ journalism awards


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Posted on June 1, 2011 at 9:01 AM

Updated Wednesday, Jun 1 at 9:03 AM

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — The Record earned the most top honors in the 2010 "Excellence in Journalism Contest" conducted by the New Jersey chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, winning eight first-place awards, including in the enterprise category for "Toxic Landscape," a series by its staff on contaminated sites in North Jersey.

Awards will be presented June 12 at NJ-SPJ's annual awards luncheon in Newark.

The full list of winners, by division and category:



Deadline Reporting:

First Place: Wendy Ruderman and Jason Nark, Philadelphia Daily News, "Family's grim find"

Second Place: David Porter and Joan Lowy, The Associated Press, "Passengers' hot, dark hours stranded on plane in Connecticut renew debate about tarmac time limit"

Second Place: The Record Staff, "Rutgers suicide"

Feature Writing:

First Place: Mike Newall, The Philadelphia Inquirer, "A Little Bit of South Philly at the Shore"

Second Place: Wayne Parry, The Associated Press, "Overage Frat Boys Dazzle, Dunk, Dis for $25,000 Prize"

Second Place: Tom Avril, Philadelphia Inquirer, "Physics with Fizz"

Profile Writing:

First Place: Wayne Parry, The Associated Press, "Brain cancer forces Elvis performer to end 50-year streak of tribute shows"

Second Place: Peter Coy, Bloomberg News, "Christie budget cuts make N.J. governor action hero"

Second Place: Jason Nark, Philadelphia Daily News, "An environmental sage's travels lead him home"

Local News:

First Place: The Record Staff, "Bergen County Improvement Authority"

Second Place: Beth DeFalco, The Associated Press, "Teen sister sex"

Second Place: Jason Nark, Philadelphia Daily News, "5 years on the lam, is woodsman a Jersey devil - or dead?"

Public Service:

First Place: Kirk Moore, Todd B. Bates and Jeff Cohen, Asbury Park Press, "Barnegat Bay Under Stress"

Sports Reporting:

First Place: Jeffrey Roberts, The Record/north jersey.com, "New Concussion Fears Emerge"

Second Place: Phil Anastasia, Philadelphia Inquirer "The Best High School Coach in America?"

Second Place: Aaron Kuriloff and Dex McLuskey, Bloomberg News, "Giants-Jets Stadium in New Jersey to Host NFL's 2014 Super Bowl"

Column Writing:

First Place: Monica Yant Kinney, Philadelphia Inquirer, "N.J.'s Cowardly Adieu to Same Sex 'I Do'"

Second Place: Charles Stile, The Record, "Democrats Can Blame Themselves for Christie"

Second Place: Karin Price Mueller, The Star-Ledger, "Bank and Switch"

Editorial Writing:

First Place: Alfred Doblin, The Record, "Condemn, Don't Fire"

Second Place: Josh Gohlke, The Philadelphia Inquirer, "Easy Come, E-Z Pass"

State and Regional News:

First Place: Elise Young, The Record, "State Pensions"

Second Place: Angela Delli Santi, The Associated Press, "Medical Marijuana"

Second Place: George Anastasia, The Philadelphia Inquirer, "From Star FBI Witness to Ostracism

Business Reporting:

First Place: Suzette Parmley, The Philadelphia Inquirer, "Tip for A.C.: Conventions Are A Winner"

Second Place: Chelsea Conaboy, The Philadelphia Inquirer, "Thousands Languishing in Foreclosure 'Limbo Land'"

Second Place: Wayne Parry and Stephen Singer, The Associated Press, "Too Many Casinos? Cash-Starved Northeastern States Saturate Gambling Market"

Health, Science, Technology and Environment:

First Place: James O'Neill, The Record, "DuPont Deal Gave State More Tainted Soil"

Second Place: Todd Bates, Jean Mikle and Bob Vosseller, Asbury Park Press, "Hot Spot"

Second Place: Wayne Parry, The Associated Press, "Rev. to N.J. Church Leaders: Thou Shalt Not Facebook"


First Place: The Record Staff, The Record, "Toxic Landscape"

Second Place: Mark Mueller and Amy Brittain, The Star-Ledger, "Strong at Any Cost/Prescription for Danger"

Second Place: Jason Nark, Philadelphia Daily News, "Family: He's Doing 7 Years for Guns He Owned Legally"

Page Design:

First Place: Meghan Shapiro and Darren Phillips, NJBIZ, "Pension Tension"

Second Place: Joe St. Arney, Meghan Shapiro and Darren Phillips, NJBIZ, "Royal Crush"

Headline Writing:

First Place: David Porter, The Associated Press, "'Scuse Me While I Sue These Guys"

Second Place: Joe St. Arney, NJBIZ, "Filmmaker Spotlights N.J.'s 'Field of Schemes'"

Second Place: Chris Kupferer, Philadelphia Inquirer, "It's a Movie Role With Legs"

Editorial Cartooning:

First Place: Jimmy Marguiles, The Record, "Arizona Immigration"

Second Place: Steve Crooks, The Montclair Times, "For Me, For You"

Opinion Writing: No award given


Local News:

First Place: Mark J. Bonamo, Hackensack Chronicle, "Chief's downfall"

Second Place: Kelly Nicholaides, South Bergenite, "Once a good investment, liquor license prices are crashing"

Second Place: Dan Prochilo, The Montclair Times, "Hold it right there"


First Place: Josh Lipowsky, The Jewish Standard, "Hello, Old Friend -- Death March Survivors Reunite After 65 Years"

Second Place: Jamie Saxon, U.S. 1 Newspaper, "Baby Love.The Inner Workings of a Level 3 NICU"

Second Place: Kelly Ebbels, Glenn Rock Gazette, "At Every New Stage, A Common Refrain"

Deadline Reporting:

First Place: Darius Amos, Hackensack Chronicle, "A Major Tragedy that Was Averted"

Second Place: Michael O'Leary, Mollie Gray, Anthony G. Attrino, Verona-Cedar Grove Times, "Wild Party at VFW Building Draws Police"

Profile Writing:

First Place: Chuck O'Donnell, Town News, "Adventure goes from newsstand to mega-store"

Second Place: Dan Prochilo, The Montclair Times, "Court is Adjourned"

Second Place: Karl de Vries, Town Journal, "Marine looks back on Iwo Jima"

State or Regional News:

First Place: Rebecca Boroson, Lois Goldrich and Josh Lipowsky, The Jewish Standard, "Sacred Space?"

Second Place: Mark J. Bonamo, Hackensack Chronicle, "Christie Might Mean GOP Rise in Bergen"

Second Place: Josh Lipowsky, The Jewish Standard, "DeVries Case Spurs State to Target Driving While Distracted"

Business Reporting:

First Place: Evelyn Lee, NJBIZ, "All Bets Are Offshore"

Second Place: Jared Kaltwasser, NJBIZ, "Slipping Between the Stacks"

Second Place: Dan Prochilo, The Montclair Times, "It's Quiet Alright — In A Bad Way"

Sports Reporting:

First Place: Brian Smith, The Montclair Times, "Wade' Has Seen It All"

Second Place: Darius Amos, Cliffside Park Citizen, "Soccer Teams Play Out Coaches' Sibling Rivalry"

Second Place: Bill Alden, Town Topics Newspaper, "Riding Late Surge for PU Men's Cross Country"

Column Writing:

First Place: Elizabeth Oguss, The Montclair Times, "Paper Trails: 'From Here'"

Second Place: Christine Sablynski, West Essex Tribune, "Technology vs. Reality"

Second Place: Darius Amos, Hackensack Chronicle, "Hearts and Souls"

Editorial Writing:

First Place: Joe St. Arney, NJBIZ, Series of Four Editorials on Transit Rail Tunnel

Second Place: Rebecca Boroson, The Jewish Standard, "Boorish Blogging"

Second Place: Mark Porter, The Montclair Times, "Taxtiles"

Health, Science, Technology and Environment:

First Place: Miryam Wahrman, The Jewish Standard, "Aphasia"

Second Place: Michael Lamendola, South Bergenite, "Prescription Drug DWIs on the Rise"

Second Place: Philip DeVencentis, Suburban News, "Test Removes Doubt About Athletes at Risk"


First Place: Mark Bonamo, Hackensack Chronicle, "Hackensack Police Turmoil"

Second Place: Terrence T. McDonald, The Montclair Times, "Where's Your Money Going?"

Second Place: Warren Boroson, The Jewish Standard, "The Disease That Won't Go Away"

Public Service:

First Place: Brian Anderson, Michael Lamendola and Daniel O'Keefe, South Bergenite, "Private vs. In-Home?"

Second Place: Tanya Drobness, The Montclair Times, "In the Shadows: Homelessness in Montclair"


Spot News:

First Place: Tariq Zehawi, The Record, "Fire Displaces 21"

Second Place: Nick Messina, Community News, "On the Scene"


First Place: Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel, Philadelphia Inquirer, "A Portrait of Hunger"

Second Place: Dale Mincey, Belleview Times, "Haunted attraction on of state's largest"


First Place: Jim Connelly, The Item of Millburn and Short Hills, "Zachary Hersh is mobbed by his teammates."


First Place: Bryan Wassel, Town News

Second Place: Maria Karidis, Belleville Times

Second Place: Kelly Ebbels, The Ridgewood News


First Place: Bram Boroson, The Jewish Standard, "A Novelist's Search for (Divine) Life in the Universe"

Second Place: Jim Beckerman, The Record, "Spirited 'Hair Spray' Has Nary a Wisp Out of Place"



First Place: Mark Hrywna, The Non-Profit Times, "Six-Figure Retention Bonus"


First Place: Caren Chesler, New Jersey Monthly, "In It Together"

Second Place: Mary Jo Patterson, New Jersey Monthly, "Teachers Under Fire"

Second Place: Jen A. Miller, New Jersey Monthly, "Where Have All The Catholic Schools Gone?"

Feature and Profile Writing:

First Place: Leslie Garisto Pfaff, Drew Magazine, "Absolutely Positive"

Second Place: John T. Ward, Drew Magazine, "The devil was in us"

Second Place: Linda G. Arntzenius, Princeton Magazine, "Belle of the Books"


First Place: Jeff Schlegel, Financial Advisor Magazine, "Opening the Doors"

Second Place: Mark Hrywna, The Nonprofit Times, "Healthcare Creating Headaches with New 1099 Requirements"


First Place: Paul Clolery, The NonProfit Times, "Scrubbing Bubbles"

Second Place: Paul Clolery, The NonProfit Times, "Y' Do It?"

Second Place: Paul Clolery, The NonProfit Times, "Hey Lay-Dee..."



First Place: Walt Kane, Matt Murphy, Anthony Cocco, Ryan Beckman, News 12 New Jersey, "City Council Bribe"

Second Place: Nyier Abdou, Brian Donohue, Andre Malok, Star-Ledger/NJ.com, "Same Sex Marriage Defeated in New Jersey Senate Vote"

Second Place: Walt Kane, Matt Murphy, Anthony Cocco, Ryan Beckman, News 12 New Jersey, "Misleading Stimulus Jobs"


First Place: Nyier Abdou, Star-Ledger/NJ.com, "Military Families Cope With Traumatic Brain Injury at West Orange Hospital"

Second Place: Janet Gardner, Elena Mannes, Mitsuka Brooks, Keith Yeager, Kevin Cloutiere, Jessica Weiner, American Public Television, "Mechanic to Millionaire: The Peter Cooper Story"

Second Place: Nyier Abdou, Star-Ledger/NJ.com, "High School Athletes Tackle Sports Concussions"



First Place: Chris Capitanio, Maya Carr, James Bracciante, Rowan Radio, "Building a Boulevard"



First Place: Maureen Nevin Duffy, Institutional Investor, "The Condo Conundrum"

Second Place: Maureen Nevin Duffy, Institutional Investor, "Moody's Credit Rating Service Explains Its Process"


First Place: Sally Friedman, NewJerseyNewsroom.com, "Holocaust Remembrance Day Not Only Honors The Dead"

Second Place: Carla Cantor, Rutgers Focus, "How I Got Bilked Out of $1,000 and Became A Victim of Cyber Crime"

Second Place: Warren Boroson, NewJerseyNewsroom.com, "What It's Really Like to be Retired"

Page Design:

First Place: Carla Cantor, Rutgers Office of Media Relations, "Rutgers Today Homepage"

Second Place: Charlie Cottone, Michael L. Lewis and Linda Cuttone, BigAppleSoccer.com.

Public Service:

First Place: Joe Malinconico, PatersonPress.com, "Municipal Budget Crisis"

Second Place: Warren Boroson, NewJerseyNewsroom.com, "Frank Financial Advice for Young People"

Feature Reporting:

First Place: John Chadwick, Rutgers Today, "Hip-Hop Artist and Neuroscientist Find Common Ground and Hope"

Independent Blog: No Winner


First Place: Amy Rosenberg, Philadelphia Inquirer, "Jersey Shore"

Second Place: Anthony Buccino, NJ.com, "Transit Blog"


First Place: Janice Selinger, Sara Lee Kessler, Edward Hartman III, Young Soo Yang, Jeff Reisly, Joel Cermele and Kaitlin Chieco, NJN Public Television, "Decoding Autism"

Independent News Organization:

First Place: PatersonPress.com

Second Place: NJ Spotlight

Second Place: BigAppleSoccer.com


First Place: John R.D. Celock, Westfield Patch, "Matt Kresvetsky Coverage"

Second Place: John Mooney, NJ Spotlight, "The Race to the Top Saga"

Second Place: Tom Johnson, NJ Spotlight, "NJ's High Energy Costs"

Sports: No winner


First Place: Tony Mottola, Linda Lobdell and Mitchell Seidel, Jersey Jazz, "The answer to a jazz fan's dream"

Second Place: Alice Weiss-Miller, WWFM, The Classical Network, "Quarter Notes"

Second Place: Mike Mathis, Judiciary Times, "New Jersey Courts"


Tim O'Brien Award" Leslie Kwoh, The Star-Ledger, "No Easy Exit from New Jersey"

Stuart and Beverley Awbrey Award for Community Weekly Newspaper Journalism: Bill George, Amboy Beacon