Both sides of Ore. GMO debate explain campaign spending

GMO labeling fight breaks money records

SALEM, Ore. -- Measure 92 would require GMO labeling on foods in Oregon. It's attracted a record amount of money as big companies on both sides battle to convince voters they are correct.

By October 29, total contributions topped $25 million.

The top five donors on the Yes on 92 side include Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, Center for Food Safety, Mercola Health, Tom Hormel and OSPIRG.

On the No on 92 side, the top five donors include Dupont, Monsanto, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Kraft.

Why is everyone spending so much?

The Yes campaign says corporations are trying to protect themselves.

"One is to protect their profits, two is generally to hide information. And in this case we think it's both," said campaign director Paige Richardson.

The No campaign says GMO label supporters are lying to the public.

"We need to work hard to make sure when it comes to filling out the ballots they actually know the true facts," said spokesman Colin Cochran.

They each want voters to hear their version of the truth, which brings us back to the ads and the money.

But is it working? In Northeast Portland we found some voters who have indeed made up their minds.

"I think it's unnecessary. And I'm not gonna vote for it. It's just another layer," said Carole Robinson, who voted no on 92.

But others will vote yes, including Nicolas Eder.

"I'm voting to labelize. Um, it's probably in our best interest. Yeah," he said.

But the ads have planted seeds of doubt in some, including Kate Bailey-French. She's a mom who definitely wants to know about GMOs in her family's food but she wonders if the "NO" ads are correct, that the issue will cost family farmers money.

"I have heard those ads but I have not taken the next step yet to really get to the bottom of that," she said.

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